Vanilla Ice Cream Moonrock

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Our Vanilla Ice Cream moonrock, strong and potent is an GSC bud, dipped in honey oil, and powdered with kief. It has a vanilla smell and taste that is alluring to the senses. Smoked best in a bong or pipe this moonrock will leave you soaring high. One of our top sellers.

Ice Cream Kush
More about this strain: Ice Cream Kush
Ice Cream Kush (also just called Ice Cream) is an indica-dominant hybrid created by Paradise Seeds. Unfortunately, its breeder has opted to keep its origins unknown.

Ice Cream is known for its creamy taste and its high THC content. Paradise Seeds say this strain is 60% Indica, but effects of the mind and body have been experienced from this high. This bud produces a sweet, vanilla fragrance with flavors of vanilla, creamy, nutty, and honey.



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