Price By Weight

$200 1 OZ
$15 1 Gm
$140 1/2 OZ
$80 1/4 OZ
$45 1/8 OZ
$30 2 Gm

Midtown express


Yonge and Eglinton, M4R 2H6, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Zen HP is a lemon hash plant that produces well under a variety of growing conditions. Very potent, and a high yielder with a hint of Santa Marta Gold Sativa.

CBD Seeds named Zen for precisely the experience the team wanted patients to have when it was consumed. The hybrid combines a Mexican sativa landrace, an Afghan indica, and Lavender.

Consumers report Zen features a mild mix of herb, earth, and sweet floral aromas. Its flavor leans more towards the sugary side, with earth and citrus notes.



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