Price By Weight

$280 1 OZ
$150 1/2 OZ
$80 1/4 OZ

More about this strain: Pinkman Goo
Breeder CaliCropDoc supposedly discovered the original Pinkman Goo when he found some seeds behind a stove and decided to grow them, leaving the true origins of this strain a mystery. The breeder Weedseeds Express crossed up Granddaddy Purple, Grape Ape, and Northern Lights #5 to get its own indica-leaning version of Pinkman Goo, complete with the signature gooey, resin-coated buds. According to the breeder, this Pinkman Goo variety has about 18% THC, a decent potency that is complemented by a fruity, sweet flavor profile with hints of coffee.



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