Gorilla Glue #5

Price By Weight

$240 1 OZ
$125 1/2 OZ
$65 1/4 OZ
$35 1/8 OZ

Product description
Total THC/A
Gorilla Glue #5 also known as \”New Glue\”, is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic Gorilla Glue #1 X Gorilla Glue #4 strains. This bud takes on a stronger high than both of its parents, packing head-spinning stoney effects that are fueled by a THC level that hits bottom at 28%. The high is a creeper, suddenly taking hold of your entire body with a stoney feeling that leaves you unable to accomplish much of anything. You\’ll be hopelessly couch-locked and completely ecstatic to be so, relaxing in utter happiness that\’s mind numbing and totally blissful. Thanks to these hard-hitting effects, Gorilla Glue #5 is said to be perfect for treating experienced users who are suffering from condition such as chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and depression. Gorilla Glue #5 has a classic flavor of dank earthy diesel and spices with a super powerful stench to match that can fill (and evacuate) any room. Gorilla Glue #5 buds have long and piecey light minty green nugs with bright amber hairs and a thick coating of light amber crystal trichomes that looks almost like a blanket of frost.



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